The Science of Scent

Becoming a fragrance company requires extensive training, as our sense of smell is more sensitive than any other in neuroscience. Smell has the remarkable ability to connect us to a specific place or time, even triggering memories of loved ones. It's intriguing to learn that our sense of smell, being 10,000 times stronger than any other, forms powerful associations in the brain, allowing us to vividly recall past and present experiences.

Scientific research has revealed how smells can access deep parts of our minds. Fragrances possess the incredible capability to transport us to different places within our minds. Our brains store memories, and a single scent can unlock a flood of associated emotions and experiences, offering us a sense of home and belonging.

Even as our brains change over time, memories of smells remain deeply embedded in our overall experiences. It's both captivating and crucial to acknowledge that fragrance is the primary sense we use to navigate the world around us, serving as a wonderful tool to evoke memories and emotions.